The Governor's Volunteer Service Award

The Governor's Volunteer Service Award honors the true spirit of volunteerism by recognizing individuals, groups, and businesses that significantly contribute to their community through volunteer service. Any person, group, or entity from the public, non-profit and private sectors may be nominated for an award to their county award coordinator. County award coordinators submit their top 10 volunteer nominations per county. There are categories for the type of nominee (senior, youth, faith-based, family, group, business, etc.). Additional categories are based on the area of service (animal, environmental, disaster, youth, preservation, etc.). The Commission and awards review county recommendations are given out in the counties.

The Governor's Volunteer Service Award is an opportunity for Organizations to recognize their Volunteers for exceptional work and dedication throughout the year.

The Award is given out once a year to nominees by the Governor of North Carolina.

Organizations may apply during the fall to The Volunteer Center of Randolph County. Nominators need to fill out an application and provide references supporting their nominees.

For more information, contact The Volunteer Center 

2024 Governor's Volunteer Award Nomination Form

Tips for Writing an Effective Award Nomination